Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mother's Day

Ayurveda, holistic health, and spirituality are all a part of my life.  Yet, the biggest, most encompassing part of my life is motherhood.  I see many people rolling their eyes at that last statement.  Being a mother is not for everyone and I respect everyone's right to choose.  But the title of this blog is my mother's day.

I think mother's is a good idea.  A day to acknowledge the person who gave you life, took care of you and loved you.  It's a concept of gratitude to recognize the person who did so many loads of laundry, made countless breakfasts, lunches and dinners and helped you with homework.  Personally, I think children and husbands should be able to express appreciation for their mother and wife everyday.  Just like a mother should appreciate the love and support that she gets from her children and husband.  Everyday is filled with opportunities of warm, loving communication.  My objection to mother's day is the commercialization of a highly personal relationship.  I resent the commercials and advertisements that show what a loving, happy mother's day should look like.  I think this commercialization is done to all our holidays.

Years ago I used to envision mother's day being a day of rest for me and much affection.  I was disappointed because apart from a card and maybe a gift, it felt like any other day.  I came to realize that I am a mother because I wanted to be one.  I am the mother I want to be with my personal vision for the job.  I do not need affirmation from my family in a commercial way.  My affirmation comes from the home environment that I work to create and share with my family.  No, I do not get paid with money for my job.  I do not get a promotion or financial incentives for balancing the menial tasks of the house with the emotional nurturing of the children.  This motherhood gig has simply been profound and worthwhile for me.  The worse part is that if I do a really good job and raise kids who are both physically and emotionally self-sufficient, then I work myself out of a job.  With time passing so quickly, I choose to spend my mother's days appreciating the opportunity to be a mother.  Go ahead, roll your eyes.  But you really ought to be giving your mother a call.

Stay healthy & well,

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