Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Own Special Bacteria

Bacteria?  Isn't this a blog about healthy and uplifting things?  Once you get past the queasiness that the word bacteria inspires, you should know each of us has our own personal bacteria.  FYI, each of us leaves a unique trail of germs whenever we touch or interact with something.  In fact, the average human hand has about 150 species of bacteria and only 13% is shared with any two people.

On a practical level this information helps forensic scientists identify criminals at crime scenes especially if finger prints are not clear or if a fabric is at the crime scene.

On a spiritual level, this information confirms our uniqueness.  Just like we have our own personal fingerprint and our own personal bacteria, we have our own personal soul with its own special purpose.  Concentrating on finding our purpose and developing our precious talents, will bring us fulfillment and happiness.

In Ayurveda, a person is looked at on an individual level.  A practitioner looks at a person's body type and imbalance type.  Then, an assessment is made of the source of the imbalance.  Specifically, whether the problem is stemming from a physical or an emotional level.  Moreover, nothing is purely one or the other.  Many times a person has a mixed body type and a physical problem can have some emotional underpinnings.  Each person truly is unique.  Our ability to appreciate that is a gift.

Next time you are cleaning and disinfecting the germs in your home, think about how the germs are unique to you and your family.  Or, maybe you can analyze the bacteria by the cookie jar and see who is sneaking those cookies.

Stay healthy & well,

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