Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pesticides and Our Kids

Buying all organic produce is difficult.  One, it is very costly, and two, it is not always available.  Most people would agree that one should try to avoid pesticides as much as possible.  Chemicals are not natural and should be avoided.  Sometimes it is good to hear a new risk to pesticide laden produce to help renew one's commitment to organic produce.

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found children who had high levels of organophosphate pesticides in their urine were almost twice as likely to develop ADHD as opposed to children with low, undetectable levels in the urine.  The study did not link which types of pesticides were more likely to lead to ADHD.  There are about 40 organophosphate pesticides in the United States, so extensive research would need to be done.

It is anxiety provoking to imagine children getting ADHD from high pesticide levels.  But it is even more anxiety provoking to imagine the long term effects of high pesticide levels in our children's urine.  I don't like being an alarmist, but parents should try to be a little proactive.  Try to favor organic produce, especially for thin skinned fruits like apples, peaches and berries.  Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly to try to remove exterior pesticide residues.  Finally, if your child is exhibiting ADHD symptoms, consider looking into pesticide exposure or even food sensitivity.  Our kids need us to give them the best food possible until they are able to do it for themselves.

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