Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Vacation From Your Vacation

There are some people that have a hard time taking a vacation.  They think the office cannot survive without them.  Perhaps they are glued to their blackberries and email the entire time.  Alternatively, some people actually experience physical symptoms of malaise, nausea and headaches when they vacation.

There may be some people reading this blog thinking they have better things to feel sympathy for than people who cannot vacation well.  Even though the symptom may differ from one another, this is a basic problem many share.  The issue is the ability to live each moment in a healthy balance.  Maybe there is a proficient vacationer, but the vacationer may try to escape reality too much by engaging in mind altering substances or television mind numbing couch potato behavior.  Difficulty vacationing and vacationing excessively can both lead to serious health problems.

The workaholic is so used to releasing cortisol and being stressed that the excessive cortisol can cause digestive and/or coronary heart issues.  This is why some people get sick when they vacation.  The cortisol acts as a steroid to the body.  Without it, the body actually experiences physical withdrawal.  The workaholic needs to adopt habits that moderate cortisol like exercise or a pleasantly challenging hobby.  Adequate sleep and meditation are essential too.

The proficient vacationer needs to find healthy ways to give pleasure and self esteem.  Excessive food, mind altering substances or media just numb a person.  The lack of physical movement can cause excess weight giving risks of diabetes, heart disease or stroke.  Find a friend to exercise with or learn how to make indulgences healthy or more structured.

Whenever we see someone experiencing a problem that we do not have, maybe we can examine our own behavior and see whether we are really similar to the person suffering.  Maybe we can even help them by balancing ourselves.

Stay healthy & well,

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