Monday, October 25, 2010

More Sleep More Fat Loss

I have blogged on this subject before.  People who are sleep deprived tend to be heavier.  There is a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine which shows cutting one's sleep from 8 1/2 hours to 5 1/2 hours causes one to lose proportionately less fat.  The study had ten overweight dieters cut calories by ten percent.  These dieters lost about 6.6 pounds, but the type of weight lost differed by how long they slept.  Specifically, dieters who slept at least 8 1/2 hours had a weight loss content that was more than half fat.  The dieters who slept 5.5 hours had a weight loss content of 25%.  The rest of the weight loss was things like protein, muscle and other body tissues.

When counseling people on weight loss, I find the overworked, under sleeping type of patient tends to hold onto weight.  They may be dieting and exercising, but the pounds do not come off as easily as one would expect.  It is as if the body holds onto the weight and fat to protect itself from the sleep deprivation and overwork.  Moreover, the body is not as efficient in the digestive process because it is in a weakened state.  These people tend to have intense food cravings as well.

The solution is relatively simple.  More sleep will help the body balance and lose the right type of weight.  Sleep is much easier than dieting and exercising.

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