Sunday, February 27, 2011

Should Your Couch Come with A Warning Label?

It isn't news that couch potatoes who sit around watching television and barely moving are at a higher risk of heart disease.  Yet, many people are sedentary at desk jobs and are not receiving the physical activity they should.  Apparently, taking small breaks from sitting can reduce the risk of heart disease.  A recent study found taking breaks from sitting even in small amounts like 1-2 minutes throughout the day can slim the waist and reduces levels of c-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker that increases heart disease risk.  Movement that is not classified as formal exercise can really benefit health.  The researchers from the study felt sedentary time should be classified as a health risk behavior.

In Ayurveda exercise is considered necessary and it should be tailored to the individual's body type and health state.  Further, consistency is needed.  Movement is one of the methods used to reduce ama (toxins).  Ama can cause weight gain and is one of the causative factors to disease.

Based on the study and Ayurvedic principles - just get moving - park far and walk, use the stairs, sweep and vacuum, do your gardening, dance with your family and friends.  A formal exercise schedule is best, but just don't sit down.  Your couch and chair need a warning label that recommends use for short periods of time only.

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  1. Nice post, Lisa. If this is the case, then there would be a lot of items that needs a label modification. But I agree with you about moving around. I feel so much better after a workout.