Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moving Towards The Light

Plants have a natural hormone auxin, which makes the plant responsive to sunlight.  The leaves and the stem of the plant will twist and bend to get closer to the light, which nourishes the plant and helps it grow.  Just as G-d, the Divine, or whatever you choose to call the Creator created plants, humans are creations of that same force.  Do we have an innate desire to move towards the light?  I think we do.  Try the sway test.  Stand comfortably with feet spaced apart and arms relaxed.  Think of something negative like war.  Focus on the horrors and losses from war and watch your body.  It moves slightly backward.  Now, focus on something of light.  Things that are illuminating like love, nature or happiness are such positive type thoughts.  Your body will sway forward towards the good thought.

As humans we have a choice in our actions and thoughts, but we possess the innate ability to move towards the light.  However, many people seem to get confused or stuck in the everyday tribulations they face.  People may take a turn in the wrong direction.  The beautiful thing is that we are never really lost.  We just need to look for our Divinely created attraction to the light and we can find our way back.  Sometimes we have gone very far off course and it may take us longer to get back to the light, but we can always get there.

Stay healthy & well,

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