Sunday, April 10, 2011


Usually, I try to write something about health information, but today I am excited about two updates to my website.  One, I added a testimonial page that has references from happy clients.  Two, I added a picture of myself in the about me section after much advice from family and friends.

I really owe a debt of gratitude to my brother in law Ben Forta.  He is a computer genius, author and world traveling lecturer.  Google him and you will be impressed.  He designed my website, does all my add ons and gives me a lot of advice.  He is very busy and I am always touched with how generously he gives of his time.  While I am thanking my sources of support, I would be remiss to not mention two more people.  First, my sister Dena who took the photograph of someone who does not like to be photographed.  Photography is a hobby that she loves and I appreciate her sharing it with me.  Second, my husband Gary is my all around advisor, proofreader and best friend.  Without his support and help, I would not have the freedom or confidence to pursue something I love.

I express my appreciation because the attitude of gratitude creates happiness and health.  Realizing one has something to be grateful for makes one feel blessed.  When one feels blessed, feelings of happiness and security follow.  Positive thoughts impact our health and interactions in a beneficial way.  Think the law of attraction.  I guess I got a health tip in this blog in addition to the announcement.

I also have an article published in the April edition of Women's Lifestyle Magazine and it is titled So Many Milks.  I  will have an article published in May too, so be sure to check them both out.

My mission is to spread health on the physical and emotional level.  Any growth or expansion of my work is movement towards this goal.  I look forward to and intend growth for all of us.

Stay healthy & well,

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