Monday, April 18, 2011

Breaking Free

It is Passover tonight, and our family is observant and traditional, so every detail of the holiday is adhered to.  While the rituals are symbolic and commemorate the freeing of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, holidays are more than a historical remembrance.  The mystics say each holiday has a certain spiritual energy and by observing the rituals in the holiday with the intent to access the energy, one can gain the spirit lesson.  This energy is universal and one does not have to be Jewish to benefit.  Every holiday from any religion has spiritual lessons beyond the customs. 

Passover represents the ability to become free.  This is more than just physical freedom but also can be freedom from mental, emotional and spiritual habits that enslave us.  There are many behaviors that people would like to be free from - think obesity, anger, sadness, alcoholism, perfectionism, laziness, etc.  This time of year everyone can access this energy and spirit to free themselves from limitations that hold you back.  First, you need to recognize that you are being limited.  Two, one must desire to change.  Finally, one must be willing to make the slow, steady changes to alter the habit. 

The three step process is not easy.  In fact only 1/5th of the Jewish people left Egypt.  The rest died in the 9th plague because they did not really want to leave Egypt.  They were afraid to venture out in the desert and leave a life that at least was safe and predictable.  It is scary to go out in the unknown and not have the safety of routine.  There is the chance of failure and hurt, but there is also the opportunity to break free and move to the next level.  Even if you suffer in the unknown, we have changed ourselves by opening up to new possibilities.  This change can be the catalyst for a new you.  Access the energy and take the steps to move towards freedom.

Stay healthy & well,

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