Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Really Healthy Stewed Apple Breakfast

Ayurveda recommends starting one's day with a stewed apple spiced with cloves.  A study conducted by Florida State University demonstrated that eating an apple a day lowers the bad LDL cholesterol by 23 percent after six months and raised the good HDL cholesterol by 4 percent.  The 160 women in the study either ate prunes or dried apples daily for one year.  The women that ate dried apples added 240 additional calories to their diet, but on average the women lost 3.3 pounds.  The women's levels of c-reactive protein and lipid hydroperoxide also lowered which reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease.

The researchers theorized that the apple has pectin which helps the body metabolize fat and polyphenols.  This reduces the production of molecules that cause inflammation.  Ayurveda recommends the stewed apple breakfast since it stimulates digestion and promotes elimination.  When the body can assimilate its food well and eliminate toxins, the body is working as it should.  When the body is balanced, it has the ability to heal and maintain itself. 

Try the stewed apple for breakfast and watch your LDL cholesterol level lower, your HDL cholesterol level rise and lose some weight.  An organic apple a day is a lot cheaper and healthier than cholesterol lowering drugs.

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