Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Makes A Winner-Is It The Team Skill Or The Team Work?

The big winners of the NBA Championship were the Dallas Mavericks.  In professional sports where there is so much money and career ambitions at stake, every winning team is studied.  It is a business where every detail is looked at.  An interesting winner's behavior has been observed in reference to the Dallas Mavericks.  They are the team that touches the most.  During the course of their games, the team members express support and camaraderie by physical affection in the forms of high fives, hugs and chest pats.  Statistically, winning teams show cohesiveness especially through touch.

Ayurveda looks at health through a holistic system, meaning mind, body and spirit are considered.  Athletes are not just physical bodies that train to learn a sport.  They also have the component of mind and spirit.  The physical skills work synergistically with the mind and spirit.  A happy mind and contented spirit will propel the physical body to higher heights than just a physical performance.  If an athlete's performance and a team's ability to win are affected by a happy, unified spirit, think of the benefit a regular person can achieve by cultivating meaningful relationships, purpose and joy.  We are more than physical beings that work, eat and sleep.  It is the bond between mind, spirit and the body that moves us. 

Play like a winner - get touched by supportive relationships and working on goals you cherish.  Go ahead give yourself a high five - you will have a great advantage.

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