Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Creative Through Distraction

Most people desire to be more focused, productive and efficient.  There are schedules, deadlines and there is barely enough time to get it done.  The solution would appear to focus and manage time even more.  Research suggests otherwise.  Time spent daydreaming allows people to become more creative, generate better ideas and come up with more innovative problem solving solutions.  Scientists explain this phenomenon as an environment of consciousness.  With daydreaming there is a free flow and abundance of thoughts.  Focused thinking is exclusive and filters out the unwanted.  The free flow encourages creative thinking, inspiration and out of the box solutions.  Sometimes getting out of the structure allows one to see the bigger picture.

In Ayurveda mantra based meditation is one of the necessary tools for good health.  Meditation calms the mind and spirit.  A calm and peaceful individual usually enjoys greater health.  Mental health is just as if not more important than physical health.  Mantra based meditation encourages the free flow of thoughts and the process never advocates mental exertion and focus.  This method promotes stress clearing.  Most people feel more alert and focused after meditation and its free flow of thoughts. The "daydreaming" in meditation is natural, encourages relaxation and actually brings the focus and clarity we seek.  Ayurveda knew it and now science is figuring it out too.

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