Sunday, July 17, 2011

What You See Is What You Eat

When you are working during the day, what are you looking at?  Are there bowls of candy near your desk?  Is there a cookie jar on your counter?  Do you walk by the breakfast cart filled with doughnuts and bagels?  Chances are the more one sees displays of snack food, especially if easily accessible, the more likely they are to eat it.  Studies confirm that the proximity and visibility of a food will increase the chance of that food's consumption.  In fact, if someone adds two mini candy bars every day to what they already eat without increasing exercise or cutting down on the total food eaten, this person will gain over seven pounds a year.

If one is aware of their propensity to eat more simply by seeing food within close reach, they have a better chance to resist the food.  Realizing that the sight of food may cause a false hunger greatly increases one's ability to just say no.  Knowing that tempting sweets and candy are going to be surrounding your workplace can also be an impetus to plan a defense for the false hunger.  Maybe a healthier snack can be brought or one can visualize those extra seven pounds (ugh).  However, you decide to resist the candy or cookie jar you see everyday in your life, just being aware gives you a great advantage.  Nothing is sweeter than a happy healthy body. 

Stay healthy & well,

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