Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebrating The New Year In The Kitchen

My Rosh Hashana (New Year) preparations are in full gear.  The freezer is stocked with meats, soups desserts and casseroles.  There is lots of honey, apples and many other fruits and vegetables waiting to be used.  I will be in the kitchen with the last minute details, setting the dining room table and making sure the kids and my husband have everything they need.  This story can be for any holiday, Jewish or any other religion.  The difference is the type of energy we try to access in celebration of the holiday.  Both Judaism and Ayurveda hold the concept of time as a unique opportunity to gain growth and experience from each holiday and/or season.  Although each day is a fresh gift of new energy to grow and learn from, the holidays and seasons each have their own flavor.

Back to the kitchen and then it will dawn on me that this is the NEW YEAR, a kind gift from G-d that allows us to admit our need for growth, cleanse things we regret and resolve to strive ever higher.  I need to feel holy and focused, but how will I ever be ready?  I feel like Cinderella in my work clothes and exhaustion without the help of a fairy godmother.

Maybe I am more ready than I think.  Rosh Hashana is the time to accept G-d as the loving Father and Creator of the world and every creation in it.  My manic preparation of food, housekeeping, and clothes show that I value the holiday and the lessons in it.  The holiday is more than kitchen mechanics.  Yet, when I infuse an intent of creating a meaningful, beautiful and celebratory holiday experience for my family, the kitchen work is a service and dedication to Rosh Hashana.  When I go to the holiday services to pray, I can bring my kitchen service to help inspire me and receive the energy of the day.  It is good to remember that we are all trying to grow and experience in our own unique way.  Some people may find it outside of the kitchen, but I gotta go with where I am.  You should too. 

Stay healthy & well,

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