Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Pill That Cures The Common Cold

Everyone eventually gets a case of the common cold.  Some people get colds more than others.  Many people have their own home remedies they swear by.  Treating colds just got easier.  A recent study found that people suffering from the common cold who were given pills, no matter what type they were, recovered two days quicker and had lessened symptoms than the people who did not take pills.  At the start of the study, participants rated whether they felt echinacea was effective at healing colds.  During the study, all of the participants had new colds and were divided into four groups.  Group one received no pills.  The second group was given echinacea and were told they were receiving the herb.  Groups three and four each received pills but were not told what the pills were.  Group three received echinacea and group four received a placebo.  The non pill takers fared worse in their colds and reported more headaches than the other groups.  Interestingly, those study participants who believed echinacea was an effective cold remedy had the shortest cold duration even while taking a placebo.

The study shows how our mind and beliefs trumped actual medicine.  The mental state of a person is a powerful component in physical health.  Sometimes just the belief in our ability to heal and a desire to be healed is enough to create a shift.  You can mix that attitude with a couple of vitamin c pills and you are on your way.

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