Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 - A Few Thoughts

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, changed every American's life forever.  The tragedy created fear and loss on a huge scale.  The stress of the event created a rise in all physical and mental ailments that increased health care utilization on average by 18%.  The statistic is really not that surprising.  It is simply a confirmation that our mental state directly affects our health.  The housing mortgage crisis has also caused a rise in illness in people who are in foreclosure or close to it.

The question becomes about managing stress before it causes illness.  Ayurveda looks at the whole person as a being of body and spirit.  Health of the spirit can be balanced with physical techniques that are suited to a person's spirit.  This allows for harmony between the body and mind.  Living in harmony is the first step to managing stress.  The second step is addressing our thoughts.  Daily meditation is a way to settle the mind and strengthen the emotional state.  This allows us to become more resilient and adaptable in times of stress.  Notice the meditation is done daily because we need a way to deal with stress regularly, because it is a constant in our lives.

Meditation is great for daily stress, but I am not so shallow or insensitive to suggest that it would prevent or totally heal the gaping wounds of losing loved ones like the tragedy of 9/11 caused.  The meditation does strengthen our ability to deal with stress and we need all the strength we can get in the aftermath of a 9/11.  In truth, major life changing events need to be adjusted to like we adjust to everyday life: living in the moment one small step at a time.  We can only deal with now.  Guilt, fear and worry make us live in the past or the future which we cannot control anyway.

I try to find a consolation in all things even in an event like 9/11.  The heroism of the victims, rescue workers and volunteers was indescribable.  The number of inspiring stories is endless and each one brings me to tears.  A united, loving bond was created by the tragedy and it showed the dignity and nobility of mankind.

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