Sunday, October 16, 2011

Feeling Stressed? Don't Text to Reach Out

Text messaging is great for a quick message or a quick question. It is convenient and efficient, but it lacks the ability to comfort. In a study with girls aged 7 to 12, the girls were subjected to the stress in the form of presenting verbal and math exercises in front of an audience. After the stressful event, four groups were formed and assigned a method of contacting their mother. The first group had verbal and physical contact with Mom. The second group only had phone contact and the third group had text messaging contact. The fourth group had no contact.

The girls' salivary cortisol levels were measured three times: before the stressful event, after the stressful exercise and after communication with Mom. All partcipants experienced a surge in their stress hormone (cortisol) after the event. The stress levels came down significantly more in the groups who had either just phone contact or verbal and physical contact with the mother. The text messagers were not as comforted nor were the girls without any contact.

A positive biological comes from a real human interaction in conversation and touch. Text messaging cannot convey the depth of emotion and experience of someone's voice and/or presence. Choose your communication to suit the goals you are trying to achieve. Efficiency is great, but sometimes we need more. take the time to get the comfort and contact you need. Your body's hormonal levels and spirit will thank you.

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