Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nightmares And Your Medicine?

Yes, many health conditions and the grind of going to doctors and getting your prescriptions filled can feel like a nightmare. But one of the side effects of many types of prescription drugs is nightmares. Certain medications like those used to treat anxiety, high blood pressure, ADHD, statins, allergies, smoking-cessation, insomnia and pain (and there are others) can cause disturbing dreams. Apparently, these medications tend to alter the stages of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. When REM is changed, nightmares is usually the result.

Some people find nightmares disturbing and it may interfere with their emotional state and daily functioning. Plus, there is the issue of the negative health effects of chronic sleep deprivation (like mental fog, emotional issues, being prone to weight gain, etc.). If the sleep state is altered, the quality of sleep is lessened. The sleep is unnatural and does not confer the usual health benefits.

Modern medicine saves many lives, but the system needs some improvement. Most physicians rely on prescription drugs to treat symptoms while ignoring the source of them. Most drugs have many negative and harmful side effects. Generally, prevention and new lifestyle habits should be the first course of action. The prescription drugs should be the second choice since they do not strengthen the health state and they have many side effects which can harm health. Ayurveda looks to the source of illness and uses lifestyle habits to bolster the body's health. The body has the ability to heal itself if cared for properly. A pill may seem simple and so easy, but it carries many risks in the long term. The side effects are the true nightmare.

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