Saturday, November 26, 2011

Going With Your Intuition

Today we live in an era with unlimited choices and options. There are more than 50 varieties of bottled water. Think how many laundry detergents there are or how many types of pens hanging in the office supply store. The amount of information and choices we have to evaluate in order to make a well thought out choice is overwhelming. The conscious, rational mind can only contemplate a limited number of options at a given time. The unconscious mind can sift through large amounts of data without getting overburdened.

Studies have compared when people use their feelings to make purchasing decisions from a large variety of options instead of evaluating the details from a mental viewpoint. When the options are abundant, the feeling group made the better choices. When a small amount of options were available, the mentally focused group made better decisions.

Life today is so complex and can be exhausting with so much to attend to. When we try to conform to standards and goals set by others (like the media and advertisers telling you what you need and have to have or keeping up with the Joneses), we do simply that. What if we lived a life authentically based on the values that support us on an individual level? We each are unique with our special talents and purpose. That unique part of us is equipped to make the best decisions for us. Do not discount your inner feelings and intuition-they will usually be right. The statistics even show it.

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