Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Sounds Of Music Are More Than Just Background Noise

In Ayurveda, all of the five senses can affect our physiology and our spirit. Sound is one of the ways we can be uplifted, become more focused or relaxed. The mantra used in meditation has a sound value to help move a person to deeper consciousness. There is a traditional piece of music known as the Rain Melody which allows for a more relaxed state so people can release tensions and fall asleep easier.

Many people today use sound and there are many benefits. Athletes will use it to get pumped before a game or competition. Surgeons will listen to music in the operating room to enhance performance and keep their energy up. Police and firemen play music on the way to an emergency call to create more focus. CEO's will prime themselves for the boardroom tangles with their favorite musical tracks. People can tolerate more crowding in their personal space when they are listening to music they like (for example, subway rides, waiting rooms). Music found to be distasteful created a need for more personal space.

Music triggers the brain's pleasure and relaxation center. It can improve concentration and enhance performance. While your MP3 player is a modern innovation, it accomplishes health based in ancient tradition and supported by modern science.

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