Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shrinkage: How You Can Get It Where You Want It

If the word shrinkage inspires thoughts of Seinfeld, we share the same sense of humor. Shrinkage as immortalized in Seinfeld is a serious issue. Shrinkage can be bad in certain places and good in others. Since this is a "G" rated blog, I refer to shrinkage of our height as we age and the shrinkage of accumulated abdominal fat. The former is bad and the latter is good. The best way to manage shrinkage positively in these areas is aerobic exercise. Please do not stop reading because I used the exercise word.

As we age, we can shrink by a quarter to a third of an inch every decade after age 40. Our muscles lose mass and weaken which causes poor posture. The disks between the vertebrae of the spine lose fluid and flatten. Nutritional deficiencies caused by bad health habits can accelerate the process. Regular or aerobic exercise which is weight bearing like walking and running can help lessen the process. This is bad shrinkage.

Aerobic exercise is also necessary to burn and decrease abdominal fat. It is the best way to burn abdominal mass. Excess abdominal fat is a health risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Hence, a good place for shrinkage.

You do not need to remember what is good or bad shrinkage- you only need to get moving and you will be proportionate in all the right places.

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