Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lights And Gifts

This time of year whether you celebrate Chanukah or Christmas there are lights (menorah or tree/decorations) and gifts. Since I celebrate Chanukah, I can only write on a lesson that inspires me. I do suspect it can carry a lesson for both holidays.

The lights of the menorah are considered holy and they are not be used- rather they are only to be looked at as one remembers the miracles and victories commemorated by Chanukah. In essence, we are sublimating ourselves to a higher truth instead of indulging are needs and doing things for our benefit. By observing and appreciating the light, we become open to the holiday's message. The idea that light triumphs over darkness. The idea that a miracle can happen even in the darkest, most desperate times. When we set ourselves aside, we are able to see we are supported and cared for even in our difficulties.

Gifts further embellish this idea of putting ourselves aside and focusing on the essence of something else. A gift that reflects the uniqueness of the receiver is a gift that appreciates who and what that individual is. The gift giver sublimates who he is and looks at the receiver without placing his agenda on the recipient. Many times people substitute things as gifts rather than sharing of ourselves and our time. Physical possessions can never replace nurturing and support of real face time. Gifts are great to receive but their purpose is to show our feelings not substitute for interactive connection.

During the winter season, the days are short and filled with more darkness than light. With both holidays, it is a time of lights and gifts that illuminate our spirit despite the physical darkness. By appreciating what the lights represent, we gain more than if we just used them for physical light. If we give gifts in a way that appreciates others for who they are and what they mean to us, we gain more than buying into the idea that happy relationships need to be media induced commercialism. Our relationships can then create more connection and meaning in our lives. Joyfully celebrate the gifts of the meaning and lessons commemorated by your holiday.

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