Saturday, February 18, 2012

Doctors Treating Body & Spirit

Most doctors treat the body. For example, is the knee rotating within normal limits? Is the skin condition clearing up? Health according to Ayurveda is a fusion of body and spirit. If the spirit is healthy, the body seems to function better and perceives less pain. Ayurveda uses healing techniques that are directed to the emotional and mental state, not just the physiology.

There is now a new trend among some doctors to look at a patient's mental state before beginning treatment for a chronic physical ailment. They are examining the patient's personal life which includes things like social interaction and activity levels. These factors affect the course of treatment chosen. The varying side effects of drugs, surgery or treatments can impair a patient's lifestyle. Knowing a patient's priorities allows the doctor to choose a plan that is best suited to the patient.

Clearly, this trend is something you should look for in a doctor. While Ayurveda has always looked at the whole person to define health, you should begin to look at yourself in this way. For example, exercise is a good thing. If someone overexerts themselves or chooses an exercise that does not challenge the body enough, the benefit of exercise will not be achieved. Aim to balance your body and spirit in your actions to achieve total health. You can be a part of the "new" trend too.

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