Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love And Valentine's Day

The holiday of love. It is the time to express your love and affection to your significant other. Personally, I do not like national commercialized holidays telling me what to do and how to do it. Yet, sometimes we all need reminders to show how much we care for and appreciate the special people in our life.

Sadly, it seems today there are many people seeking love. Either they cannot seem to find that special someone or they cannot seem to make love last if they have a relationship. Love is one of the main joys of life. It is something all human beings universally desire. Why is it so elusive?

When I am stumped, I usually look to higher sources and the Bible is the highest source for me. The Bible commands us to love our neighbor like our self. How can we be commanded to love? Do we really have the control to force ourselves to love? The answer may lie in the Hebrew word for love which is ahava. The root of the word is hav which means give. This expresses the idea that loving is achieved through giving. The strongest and most satisfying love connections are based on giving. For example, think of a parent's love for a child or a pet owner's love for their dog - the parent and the pet owner are doing all the giving, but the love is deep and meaningful. It is ok to benefit from the other person in our love relationship. However, if the benefit is the only goal and the only pattern in the relationship, the love will not sustain and be soul nurturing.

Enjoy the chocolates and the other luxuries on Valentine's Day, and remember you can be the creator of the love in your relationship.

Stay healthy & well,

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