Friday, March 23, 2012

Massage Is Not Just A Luxury

People traditionally view massage as a treat or occasional way to relax. Massage has been the subject of many recent studies that are finding massage provides tangible health benefits. For example, massage boosts immune function in women with breast cancer and improves symptoms in children with asthma. In fact, a ten minute massage can even reduce inflammation in muscles overworked by exercise. The massage does not have to be deep tissue to provide benefits. A light massage has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol and inflammation in general.

Ayurveda recommends a daily self-massage for the health benefits it brings. Known as abhyanga, it provides lubrication of the joints, softness of the skin, stimulates nerve and circulatory function and offers many other positive gains. The self-massage is easy to do and its benefits are felt immediately.

The beauty of Ayurveda and massage in general is how natural, simple lifestyle techniques can create health without using costly drugs and invasive procedures.

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