Friday, March 30, 2012

Matzo And Ayurveda

I guess I may be the only person who would think of combining matzo and Ayurveda. The holiday of Passover is coming next week. Holidays are not merely a historical commemoration with rituals. Holidays give us an opportunity to capture the spiritual energy available from that time. A huge part of Passover is the matzo, which is unleavened bread. We eat matzo because the Jewish people had to leave the slavery of Egypt quickly and they did not have the time to prepare regular bread for the journey. On a deeper level the matzo is known as the bread of affliction and slavery. There is a humility to it. Regular bread is fluffy and filled with large holes and little substance.

Yet, matzo and bread are the same thing-both are made from flour and water. The difference lies in the preparation of not allowing the water and flour to rise before baking thereby creating the flat bread. The simple change of immediate baking transforms the mixture to a food of humility. The essence of matzo is the same as bread but our human actions determine what the water and flour mixture becomes.

Here is the Ayurveda connection. Each individual is born with their own unique body type (vata, pitta, kapha or a blend of the types). The type is not bad unless it becomes out of balance by our actions. When we neglect our body and spirit or do things that harm ourselves, we create a way of living that is deficient. Instead of shining like the bright light that we are, we settle for an off balance version of ourselves.

Whether you eat matzo or not, you can remember that the belief you hold about yourself and the action you take based on that belief affects the person we become. Further, when we think by waiting or procrastinating we are not acting, we delude ourselves. Inaction creates a choice and a result too.

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