Friday, June 8, 2012

Make Your Brain Grow Smarter

We all want our kids to perform better in their school learning.  We want to improve our intellectual capacity, so we can keep up with the latest technologies and research studies.  We also want to make smarter decisions and have a brain that can come up with creative solutions to the everyday things that come into our lives.  As people age, they are fearful of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease.

What is the best way to grow your brain?  Exercise.  Most people are not afraid of diabetes, obesity or heart disease, but they are afraid of losing their mental abilities.  Exercise is the number one thing you can do to prevent Alzheimer's disease according to the Mayo clinic.  Children who exercise regularly improve their grades and academic performance.  People who exercise are less anxious and stressed.  Finally, exercise will make your brain grow.  You might also like feeling trim and avoiding many diseases.

Ayurveda embraces the idea that simple lifestyle changes can balance us to create the health and benefits we want in our lives.  Exercise is one of those simple changes that brings huge positive results.  Start today with even ten minutes of movement.  It can be dancing, taking the stairs, or even gardening.  Every movement helps and builds on itself.  If you feel like you want to exercise and cannot seem to get moving, call me for a free no obligation coaching session.  Coaching has techniques to get you to where you want to be in supported, simple steps. 

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