Friday, June 1, 2012

Which Is Stronger? Genetics Or The Environment?

The established thought is that we are born a certain way and we pretty much stay the same way.  This is known as our genetic make up.  We can even pass our genes on to our offspring so they can enjoy the same genetic code.

Yet, there is a new body of evidence emerging that our early childhood experiences can impact our genetic material.  Children that have been maltreated, bullied or exposed to domestic violence are more likely to have their chromosomes shrink or degrade faster.  It is as if the body "ages" from the experience.  The chromosomes actually change so that the genetic material they carry changes as well.

Ayurveda believes we are each born with our own uniqueness which includes our body type.  Yet, life is constantly in motion and changing.  Our behavior can create imbalances or illness despite being born a certain way.  Ayurveda gives us tools to help bring the body back to health.  The body being perfectly created by God, nature or whatever force you choose to call it, has the ability to heal.  Children may not have these tools to help themselves and they may have been damaged, but there is always hope.  With intention and action we can move towards wholeness and healing.

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