Friday, September 21, 2012

Is Your Fiber Really Helping You?

Fiber is a healthy food.  It helps people manage their weight and their health.  Meals and snacks rich in fiber leave a person feeling fuller and more satisfied.  This makes people eat less at each meal and snack less between meals.  Fiber also helps with elimination and lowering cholesterol.  When fiber comes from whole foods like fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains, it tends to satisfy one's hunger better (Nutr. Res. 29: 100, 2009 and Food Nutr. Res. 54: 5136, 2010).  There are processed fibers which are created in a science lab which do not create this level of satisfaction.  These types of fibers are identified by names like resistant starch, polydextrose, beta glucan, guar gum, inulin and other viscous fibers.  In addition, when these fibers are baked into muffins, bars or cookies, the physical chemistry of the processed fiber changes and the satiation factor goes down even more. 

Eating fiber is a good idea, but make your fiber count by being certain the fiber is from natural, unprocessed food sources.

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