Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tasting the New Food Trend of Burnt Ash

When people think of burnt food, the image of a cook not paying attention comes to mind.  Sometimes a little burnt char is desirable for grilled meats and vegetables.  Food that is too burned or ash like is usually not considered edible. 

There is a new food trend that has chefs actually burning vegetables to ash and using it as seasoning.  The business of food is always looking for a new flavor to start the latest trend.  Cooking has become a sport of sorts with gadgets, unusual techniques and adventurous tastes.

As an Ayurvedic health practitioner and Mom chef, I believe eating and food preparation should be fun and provide a creative outlet.  However, food is what nourishes our body and spirit, so it influences our well being in so many ways.  In Ayurveda, there are many different aspects to the eating experience.  One of the guiding principles is that food should be fresh, never burnt or rotting.  This allows the vital nutrients to be used by our bodies.  Burnt or rotting food is hard to digest with little benefit.  It also has carcinogens and free radicals that can damage the body. 

Another principle is that food should be enjoyed and pleasant to the eater.  Sometimes, we may indulge a bit to enjoy ourselves, but we should try to mostly eat fresh and nourishing food to feel our best.

As a regular "player" in the field of food preparation, I always look for new recipes and experiences.  Yet, my ultimate barometer of creativity is how many vegetables and other healthy foods I can get people to eat and have them say, "that was good."  Good for your taste and good for your body - it doesn't get any better than that.

Stay healthy & well,

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