Thursday, December 20, 2012

Balancing Your Optimism For Successful Change

With New Years coming up, the inevitable desire for resolutions comes up.  People want to lose weight, get more organized, budget their finances better and there are many other improvements we want in our life.  Initially people get excited about the change and with New Years encouraging people to change, there is this optimism for change.  The inner voice says, "yes, I want to do this and I can!"

While the positive attitude is praise worthy and a great start, it is usually nothing more than just a start.  When the first difficulty comes up, the resolve to change is hard to sustain without a plan.  Maybe you want to avoid your late morning donut, but when you have skipped breakfast or had a stressful morning, the donut offers you a quick fix.  This type of scenario is common for all areas of change- the reason we got into the bad habit in the first place comes up and we fall into the old habit pattern. 

As a health coach and someone who has studied change, the answer lies in preparation.  You need to prepare for the tough situation that will come up.  What will you do to replace the need for the old habit?  How can you distract yourself?  How can you even avoid the need for the habit?  These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself before creating a lasting plan for change.

Before you get overwhelmed, you should realize change can take place in small steps and small wins.  It is not the goal you aim for, but rather the commitment to direction.  Mistakes will happen, but it is vital for you to take one small step successfully and move from there.  You are capable of change.  Sometimes you need a little help to get started or a coaching relationship that will give you structure and accountability.  The extra support is a tool to help you accomplish the change. Invest the time to follow your dream of change.  If you don't honor your dreams, there is no one else to do it for you.

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