Thursday, December 27, 2012

Are Kids Really Different Today?

Most people would agree that children are our most precious part of society.  We try to keep them safe and build their self esteem.  The retail growth of children's toys, clothing and activities is huge and continues to grow, because parents are willing to spend more for the betterment and happiness of their children.  Sometimes after a lot of family and holiday vacation time, it is hard to sustain our idealized feelings.  The kids have a lot of energy and are tough to manage.  This feeling can be compounded by the great amount of money and time that is expected to be spent for your children's happiness.   This is when parents start to wonder, "are kids different today?" 

As an Ayurvedic health practitioner, I look at things holistically and take a simple step by step approach.  Before I decide if society and children today have it all wrong, I assess the body and its health.  Most people and kids like to feel happy and act in ways that promote this feeling.  Yet, when something is not quite right with the body and spirit, the cause needs to be found.  I will start with a person's lifestyle.  Is the person getting enough sleep?  Are the foods being eaten have nutritional value?  Is there time to destress instead of pushing a fast paced lifestyle?  These simple lifestyle factors can slowly but surely derail a person's health.  When the body is not working right, then people start to act in ways that are not their best.  Maybe they feel grumpy or sad because they do not have the energy to do the things they would like.  Most people and certainly not children are always in tune with their body to figure out the cause of their negative reaction or attitude.  Instead they may look to blame external situations and people as the cause.  There are always going to be triggers of bad people and annoying situations.  The real issue is do I feel strong, healthy and good enough about myself to handle it or not even let it bother me.

Children need a good foundation to feel and act their best.  The foundation starts with pregnancy when the body is being formed.  A pregnant mother should eat well and take care of her body when the body is being formed from the cells in her body.  Food is the basis of the cell formation for both her and the baby.  Extra supplementation should be considered in the form of a multi vitamin, calcium and vitamin D (because pregnancy can decrease calcium absorption), iron (most women are anemic in pregnancy), Omega-3 fish oil (for the baby's nervous system development) and extra protein (for the baby's muscle formation).

Once the children are born, they continue to need good nutrition because they are growing.  Many children today are deficient in Omegs-3 fish oil, magnesium and vitamin D, which has been linked to the high growth of ADD, ADHD, and depression diagnosis for our children today.

I am not suggesting that any and all issues we have with our children will be solved by good food, vitamins and sleep, but I am saying it is a good place to start.  This is a place that does not require prescriptions and labeling.  It is also a method that will teach our children healthy lifestyle habits that will keep them feeling good all the way into adulthood and old age.

Enjoy every moment with that precious child in your life.  It goes by quickly, but time well spent can result in a precious grown up in your life.

Stay healthy & well,

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