Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Most Popular New Year's Resolution

Did you know the most popular New Years Resolution for 2013 taken by the Wall Street Journal readers?  Weight loss won by a whopping 76%.

Did you know that most health care workers try to be healthy, but fail the most at weight loss and exercise?  They are not any better than the rest of the population in their effort in this area.

What gives?  People want to lose weight but they can't.  Ayurveda approaches weight loss differently than just diet and exercise, but that is for another time.  The real issue is why people resolve to change but they can't seem to reach their goal?

Maybe it is a mind set.  The resolution is to change something unwanted or bad about yourself.  Fear is stoking the change.  Fear can be a motivator, but it can't be the only reason for change.  The change needs to come out of a place of self love and self respect.  Change needs to come because you truly want this for yourself, not because it is "expected" or "the right thing to do."  You commit to yourself to be the best that you can be by letting go of things that are not allowing you to move to that place.  Treat yourself with kindness and know that change happens one step at a time.  Sometimes we move slowly or we may even take a backwards step along the way.  As long as you stay true to your dream, you will get there.

Stay healthy & well,

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