Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How Can I Be Healthy At Work When I Am So Busy?

Most people want to be healthy and feel good, but life sometimes gets in the way.  This especially so at work when there are many demands on our time.  Yet, a few simple strategies can help you feel better, more focused and even energetic.  Creating the life you want is done one step at a time.

The first tip is to take a break for just five minutes after working on something for 45 minutes.  A bigger break will pull you off track. True concentration cannot exceed 45 minutes, so taking a small break will allow you to work more efficiently.  A break means getting up and walking around or standing up.  Just practicing good posture while standing is good for your body.  Shoulder shrugs and stretches help create blood flow to your neck and shoulders that hunch over while looking at a computer screen.  Human beings need movement all the time, not just during an exercise workout.

Second, bring your own healthy snacks to work.  You should never be at the mercy of the vending machine or the office candy bowl.  Bad snacks are bad fuel for your body to help it keep going throughout the day.  Choose things like nuts, cottage cheese, hummus, cut up fruits and vegetables that give you fiber and a little protein to keep your blood sugar stable.  Avoid sugars and grains because they are heavy to digest and will end up making you tired.

Finally, please do not eat at your desk when working.  When you eat when you are distracted, you tend to lose track of what you ate and generally feel unsatisfied.  Eating when doing or thinking of something else can also lead to overeating.  Eating is a way to nourish your body and spirit.  Ayurveda stresses the importance of the eating experience.  Food should be appealing and fresh.  And food should be eaten in a pleasant, calm atmosphere.  This eating experience promotes good digestion so the nutrients of the food can be available for your body instead of taxing the body.

These are just a few ways to be healthy at work, and they are good things to do even if your overall health is not your ideal.  Getting to where you want to be only needs the first step.

Stay healthy & well,

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