Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can You Afford China's Cheap Prices?

China is one of the world's super economic powerhouses and has seen a boom in economic growth that is fantastic.  This growth has been fueled by massive industrial expansion.  China is able to produce most of the cheapest consumer goods available, and the variety of these consumer goods is astounding.  Price, however, is not the only factor to consider when purchasing something.  Clearly, there should be value and benefit beyond the price.  If the item causes you to spend more money to compensate for its lack of value, the pricier good may be more valuable.

Most Chinese goods are made from materials that are heavily contaminated with toxic pollutants and metals.  The country itself has water, air and soil with toxic levels of these contaminants, so any manufacturing process passes these into the product it creates.  The Chinese people themselves are ill with diseases from these contaminants. 

The latest finding is the exorbitantly high levels of cadmium in their rice.  Recently, I wrote about high levels of arsenic in brown rice and had a link to information about which rices had higher levels.  Arsenic can be lessened in the rice if it is handled properly.  Cadmium elevates the rice pollution issue to a whole other level because it is a carcinogen that does not degrade on its own and remains in the soil and the human body for years.

Both science and Ayurveda know that the body recreates and repairs itself on a cellular level on a daily basis.  The body uses the food and nutrition it takes in to do this.  If your food is toxic, then your new body cells are toxic too. 

Rice that is made in china should never be consumed by you or your loved ones.  Further, any food, toiletry, jewelry or any product that touches your body which has been made in China should be avoided.  This is a simple way to guard your health.  People complain that being healthy is no fun because they like to eat, drink or relax in a certain way.  Don't let a toxic product harm you when you have an easy alternative like buying from another source.  Better to use the "fun" behaviors for the occasional health stray.

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