Tuesday, May 7, 2013

True or False: It's Healthy Because I Got It at Whole Foods

False. Whole Foods is a great concept with organic produce, meats and other grocery products. While Whole Foods has many healthy products, not all of its products are healthy. Moreover, many of its products are more expensive than other grocery stores.

There are a few things to keep in mind when food shopping so your purchase can be healthy and reasonable. Organic foods, which are those grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides, are often superior. But a valid case can be made for the value of non-organic perishable produce. The fact is, local, seasonal produce, is nutritious and stays fresher for a longer time and costs much less. Farmer's markets and local fruit/vegetables stores are good places to shop for produce.

Remember that "organic" doesn't equal sugar-free, low-fat, or nutritious. Organic only means that its contents were grown without chemicals. In other words, "organic" is merely one of several factors to consider in making good food choices. Read labels carefully, no matter where you buy. Look for a low number of sugar grams, high fiber, and an ingredient list made up of things you can identify and trust. You still need be responsible for the food that goes into your body.

Whole Foods has revolutionized the way people shop for food, so regular grocery stores want to compete and they now sell many organic products and healthier formulated staples. Your local grocery store has a variety of options comparable to Whole Foods at much lower prices.The best food we can buy is pure and unprocessed.

Ayurveda seeks to maximize the body's ability to digest the food you eat. Real foods that are in their most natural states are the easiest food to digest, so your body can receive good fuel to function. These foods are satisfying because of their nutritional value and the body feels full naturally in smaller portions. Processed foods like chips and cookies do not give you the same nutrition so you eat more to have more energy. They also have chemicals and preservatives that the body has to process which hurts the digestive process.

Keep the Whole Foods concept, but make it work for you in real health and less money.

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