Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top 10 Signs You Want to Make a Healthy Change

Most of the time people want to stay positive.  Or maybe it is just human nature to keep the status quo.  It may be comfortable and it may be something we have always done, but stuff is brewing beneath the surface. We have all been there when we start to know in our gut that things cannot stay the way they are.  Here are the signs you really want to make that change:
  • You've been worrying at night or daydreaming wondering if “your time” to look and feel better will ever come.
    This means: You’re feeling tired, confused, and stuck with worn-out, limiting beliefs.
  • You’re discouraged by previous failed attempts to look good, feel energetic and get healthy.  Plus everyone is getting results—except for you.
    This means: You are feeling alone, flawed and resigned to aging. This is a big one!
  • You hate having to cover up with baggy, formless, “forgiving” clothes and way too much make up trying to get a healthy glow.
    This means: You wished you could feel better about looking in the mirror.
  • You think being healthy will make you feel deprived and miserable.
    This means: You’re associating past experiences and their discomfort with any new effort.
  • You can’t perform tasks efficiently at work or home and just can’t seem to focus.
    This means: You’re inefficient, distracted and feeling disempowered.
  • You find yourself irritable and cranky with your family.
    This means: This gives you more guilt and another reason to feel bad about yourself.
  • You've tried to change before but you always seemed to go back to the bad habits.
    This means: You haven’t discovered the key to true sustainability.
  • You’re over-giving, over-serving, and the last item on your “to do” list is you.
    This means: When will it ever be your turn?
  • You don’t know who to share your questions and concerns with.
    This means: You won’t know what to do like before.
  • You feel as if you’ll have to go through this process of change alone.
    This means: You’re missing essential, rock-steady support and informed guidance—until now.
These signs and unwelcome thoughts are really the best way to take your first step to change.  The most important thing is knowing things are not the way they are supposed to be.  People in denial can never change.  Congratulations on knowing.

The next step is taking an action that creates change.  Things cannot change without a new way.  It does not have to be fast or uncomfortable, just new.  Get a little support (from a coach or a friend) and you are on your way.

Stay healthy & well,

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