Sunday, September 29, 2013

Color: More Than Just Fashion

In Ayurveda color has a profound influence on the mind. Each and every thing we come in contact with has the ability to affect our energy field and subsequently our mind and body.  Each color sends  a vibration of light that is picked up by the eye and then processed by the brain. Once absorbed, it can affect the physiology of your mind and your body. Therefore, it is important to utilize colors in a positive way.  Colors can help balance your dosha (body type) and create peace of mind.  Colors can be categorized as sattvic, which bring lightness and peace to the mind, rajasic, which can bring agitation and unrest, or tamasic, which are dulling and heavy.  

Most people think of getting dressed and all the color choices available as fun.  People like to choose colors and clothes that they feel good in.  Looking at fashion as fun and as personal expression is a positive thing. However, cultivating a deeper understanding of the effects of color, makes a person aware of the potential impact of their clothing choices on their mind, their thoughts and their feelings. 

First, choice should be balanced by trying to represent all the colors.  Constantly wearing one or two colors increases the likelihood of being affected in a negative way.  Second, while each color has an energy, we ultimately choose the energy we want to project.  Good choices mean knowing the potential outcomes and knowing whether one has the ability to positively manage the outcomes.

Black is probably the most popular color in clothing today.  It is considered classic and goes with everything.  Yet, the color black has a tendency for a negative effect on the mind.   It is the color of mystery, darkness and the unknown, so it has the potential to take the mind into darker places. Black is a strong and powerful color.  This is why some people are drawn to it.  Additionally, it is used by certain segments of society to identify and separate themselves from others.  Think of the long black robes of priests or people dressing for a black tie affair.  When we wear black, we feel more isolated, mysterious and a little more powerful.  A person with a healthy mind can use the power of black constructively, either as a way to have an evening out or as a way to block out the distractions of the world.  Many spiritual sects like monks, rabbis or priests use black for just that purpose. 

Ayurveda looks at a person holistically.  Everything in a person's consciousness has the ability to affect them and each thing needs to be evaluated for its impact.

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