Monday, September 16, 2013

Herb Focus: Guduchi

In Ayurveda herbs and food are considered medicine.  Using herbs and food as medicine allows for gentle, natural healing without the body needing to digest chemicals or suffer from unwanted side effects.  The taste type of the herb determines whether the herb would suit a person's body or illness type.  While herbs are usually combined in formulas to create an enhanced effect by the synergistic formulation, there is one or two herbs that will have a more dominating effect in the blend.  The predominant herbs are chosen by their healing activity.

Guduchi is an excellent rejuvenative for the body types of vata and pitta to support overall health and well-being.  Guduchi strengthens the body's tissues, bolsters immunity and promotes vitality while having the effect of calming the mind and the nervous system. It is also traditionally used to promote longevity.   The herb rids the body of accumulated toxins by purifying the liver, kidneys, joints and blood. While the toxins are cleared, it has the effect of soothing the skin and promoting a clear, healthy complexion. It strengthen digestion by helping to populate the gut with healthy flora.

While you may never hear of Guduchi in your regular vitamin shopping, it is good to expand your experience and learn something new.  Guduchi is also a good herb to use in the Fall when we are transitioning from Summer.  The change of seasons is hard on the body and having a healthy herb in your arsenal that will help you detoxify and strengthen is a win win. 

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