Monday, December 30, 2013

Sick of the Drama of "Big" New Years Resolutions?

You cannot pick up the paper, read the news online or go into a store without being reminded you have to make a New Years Resolution.  The grocery store has discounts on low fat foods and the clothing stores offer discounts on fitness clothes.  Personally, I hate being bombarded with each holiday and the 'shoulds' we should be doing.  And the need to make a BIG change around New Years is one of those things that is everywhere.

As a Health Coach and Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, I have watched people make incredible changes and transformations with the small step.  Sometimes the step does not even have to be directly related to the bothersome item.  The main thing is willing to do something differently.  You have to get out of one habit and feel good about it, and the rest just seems to follow.  When I was taught how to health coach, we had a module dealing with tolerances and clutter.  These things have nothing to do with health, but they are energy sappers that drain your energy.  When you are weighed down with seemingly petty annoyances, it is harder to get moving and do the changes you really dream of doing.  Do you have a pile of clothing that needs to be taken to the tailor for repairs?  Do you have a plant that is overgrowing its pot?  Is your front door dreary with an old door mat and a dingy door handle?  These are just some of the annoying things that hold us back and remind us we are too swamped to make a big change now.  Tackle just five of those small things on your list that are not a rush but make your life and your space heavy.  A small shift in that personal experience can revive your experience of life and you will feel energized and freer to make more changes.

In Ayurveda, even healing the body is done slowly by eating foods that are your body type, changing the time of day when you exercise or timing your meals to the natural body rhythm.  These do not always directly affect an illness symptom, but they balance the body so the body can heal and strengthen.  People just start to feel better and they can continue to do things that balance the body.

Ditch the grand New Years Resolution and be the original that you are.  If you do not know where to start or you need a little accountability and support, a coach is the best place to start.

Stay healthy & well,

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