Sunday, December 22, 2013

Using Something Better Than Drugs For Osteoporosis

More and more women as they age face the threat of osteoporosis.  Doctors check for it and recommend drugs like Fosamax or other bio phosphates.  These drugs encourage the building of bone but have many unwanted, harmful side effects.  In an ideal body state, our bones go through a process of building up and breaking down.  It is a natural cycle.  The drugs encourage only building up without the necessary breakdown phase.  Medicines which only address part of a natural process will eventually cause damage.  It is common sense.  And the negative risks of these calcium building drugs has been shown in studies.

As people get older, muscle and bone mass decrease.  This is a natural process.  Additionally, the senses of  vision, touch and proprioception also decline.  These changes are no surprise.  This is why people make lifestyle and nutritional changes to prevent and/or lessen these inevitable changes.  For some reason when it comes to osteoporosis, modern medicine seems to hold people to a certain standard of bone mass found in youth rather than reformulating what to expect and how to optimize it. 

The biggest risk with osteoporosis is the risk of fracture when an elderly person falls.  An elderly person will fall because of normal aging issues like the loss of senses that guide balance and can make someone unsteady on their feet.  Falls are the leading cause of injury and death among the elderly.  Preventing falls is one of the primary reasons why exercise is so important as people age.  Physical activity has been shown to reduce the chances of falling and even reduce the risk of injury if someone does fall.  This makes exercise a win/win.  Exercise has even been shown to prevent osteoporosis too.

While exercise may seem a little burdensome and the ho-hum answer to all illnesses, it is worth a second look.  Ayurveda understands the life cycle of aging.  Rather than trying to address symptoms with harmful drugs, it looks to get to the root cause and make changes to balance the problem.  A life lived in a balanced state brings the blessing of health well into the old age we want to share and experience with our dear family and friends.

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