Sunday, March 9, 2014

Is The Color of Your Dinner Plate Helping You Eat Less?

Yes, it is true.  The color of your plate can affect your appetite.  In a recent study people who were served popcorn and chocolate (both pretty addictive foods) on red plates ate less than those served on blue or white plates.  It was theorized that the color red is likened to a stop sign and sends an unconscious message to slow down food consumption.

In Ayurveda the experiences we have affect our consciousness and subsequently our health.  The things we see, hear, taste and smell impact our mind and our body.  In Ayurveda the eating experience should be calm and with pleasant company.  Additionally, the food should be appealing and prepared by someone who cares.  It is taught that we digest the eating experience not just the food.  If the eating experience adversely affects the digestion, the food will not be properly assimilated. 

Knowing how the things we experience affects us on many levels, the color of a plate impacting our appetite is not surprising.  It is a great trick to use when we feel our appetite is exceeding our actual body's need for food.  The red plate is an easy weight loss tip that can be done without altering your diet.

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