Sunday, April 27, 2014

An Early Riser Loses Weight

Ayurveda recommends maintaining a daily routine that honors your natural body rhythm.  Your natural body rhythm, also known as your circadian rhythm, is the 24-hour cycles that governs your internal body clock.  By following your natural body rhythm, you optimize your body function and your health. 

One of the basic recommendations of Ayurveda is to rise early and receive the bright morning light to reset the body after a night’s sleep. This is important for many reasons, but as noted in the article title, this helps people maintain a healthy weight.  Recent research found that people who had exposure to light in the morning were most likely to have a lower body mass index (BMI), regardless of how many calories they consumed, activity levels, or how long they slept.  Additionally, the benefit was most pronounced in the early morning hours. The study participants' BMI rose by 1.28 points for every hour that light exposure was delayed.  The researchers felt light was a powerful biological signal that may be a helpful tool in the prevention and management of obesity in modern society.

Modern science is supporting what Ayurveda has taught for many years.  Unfortunately, the modern day artificial light used at night and the dimly lit indoor environments we have during the day, disturb our natural circadian rhythm.  Wake up early and get some natural, outdoor light, just twenty to thirty minutes a day is enough to keep your weight balanced and improve your health in many other ways.  Your body comes with a blueprint.  If you honor it, you will feel energetic, balanced and happier.

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