Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Boozy Passover

Passover is about a week away and my holiday preparations are in full swing.  There is lots of cleaning and organizing.  There is also a lot of self reproach like, "how did I let this get so bad?" or "stop whining you do this every year and it all works out."  The cooking is getting done with meats, chicken, turkey, kugels and soups in the freezer. 

The cleaning is a good thing.  It feels like Spring and a fresh start.  Passover is about freedom and getting rid of old, dirty things is very freeing.  The problem is when the holiday starts.  All this purging makes me want to do a body cleanse.  Instead, I am drinking four cups of wine and eating huge amounts of matzoh, chicken, soups and kugels.  Then, I go to bed late and take ridiculously long naps from being hung over.  Passover makes me feel like a partying college student.  I am not sure that fits into my picture of freedom. 

To maintain some order and health for my body, I have four Passover rules.  One, I must eat a meal that is half vegetables.  This limits the amounts of other foods that add pounds with less nutrition.  Two, I try to finish the meal and move the socializing to another area.  This helps me avoid the mindless overeating that comes from spending time with family and friends.  Three, I must take a walk or move at least thirty minutes everyday.  It may not be my regular exercise routine, but I feel less sluggish and move out the wine fogginess.  Finally, I try to appreciate the change of pace and excuse to rest.  In our normal lives, we are usually crazy busy and feel guilty about resting, so we multitask by surfing the internet, texting or going over the to do lists.  On the actual Passover holiday there are restrictions about electronic use, writing and planning ahead.  The down time is a chance to really unplug and just be present.  It is also a break from the usual schedule, and a break makes us appreciate or reevaluate the things we do daily.  This quiet space is freedom to make new choices or reaffirm the ones we made.

In about a week, I will be in this altered state, but for now I must only imagine it as I am crazy busy with preparations.  Wishing you freedom to make the choices that show true freedom instead of feeling overpowered by external circumstances.  L'chaim or cheers...

Stay healthy & well,

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