Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Powerful is Your Choice of Words When Speaking

The biggest difference between animals and human beings is the ability to communicate with one another through words.  No other animal is a speaking creature.  With this privilege comes responsibility.  The words we use can communicate facts and ideas.  Yet, we individually choose the words we want to use in communication.  Additionally, even countries have their own languages to communicate with one another.  What is behind the choices of words used?  Specifically, does the language we speak shape the way we see the world, the way we think, and the way we live our lives?

There has been a study on a global level showing how the languages spoken in different countries affects the way people think and that even flukes of grammar can profoundly affect how the world is seen by a culture or individual.  This why people have difficulty learning a new language.  When one is learning a new language, it is not simply learning a new way of talking.  Additionally, one is also learning a new way of thinking.

When we can appreciate language's role in constructing our mental lives, we can bring about great changes in our personal lives.  Spoken words can have a multitude of effects on another individual, and the phrases and statements we use on a daily basis have the potential to be either detrimental or inspirational.  Words are powerful and set the foundation for communication. 

Chief Justice John Roberts sets the tone in Supreme Court proceedings by using the word 'friend' for the opposing counsel in a court case.  He is using it more than any other Supreme Court has since proceedings were recorded in 1955.  The word friend encourages the attorneys to debate an issue with dignity rather than using the debate as a platform for contention and destroying the opposing side in order to win.  With Chief Roberts' use of the word friend, he has also influenced his fellow Justices to use the word friend more frequently. 

Ayurveda recommends surrounding ourselves with pleasant music, colors, food, communication,  people and other things that can affect our environment.  Pleasant stimuli raises our consciousness level and promotes a sense of well being.  The words we use impact us and those around us in a significant way.  Try it and see how different you feel.

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