Sunday, July 13, 2014

Do You Ever Feel Invisible?

In our current society, how could anyone feel invisible when we are constantly overexposed? We share almost every facet of our personal life in the form of posts, tweets, blogs, video and pictures.  Any person is reachable 24/7, and news travel faster than any of us can comprehend.  Yet, sometimes we do not feel seen or appreciated.  It may be the employer who takes you for granted or your family who assumes you will continue to play your role of caretaker, house cleaner or money provider.  In an age where people seem to promote themselves and publicize the many aspects of life, the quiet roles we play seem somehow unsatisfying or unrecognized. 

In Ayurveda a person's value is derived from their being a unique creation with a unique role.  Life and the way we live it is a privilege granted by G-d, the Divine or the Unified Field (all words that mean the same thing but have different labels).  When we are balanced physically and mentally, we know this and live a life that is rich and meaningful.  A recent book discovery confirmed this approach.  David Zweig, an author and fact checker for various publications, in the Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion examines individuals who are very successful but whose work is often overlooked, like engineers, researchers or anesthesiologists.  Yet, the people profiled in the book derive satisfaction from anonymous work despite living in a culture of praise and overexposure.  Moreover, these individuals take pride in being an integral part to an enterprise and often prefer to stay out of the spotlight. 

People who are able to sustain their workload without praise and the spotlight tend to be meticulous about their craft and enjoy their behind-the-scenes responsibility.  It seems their personal recognition of their unique attributes is the main component of their business success and personal fulfillment.  This self appreciation and cognition is what sustains them. 

Frankly, attention from others is fickle and fleeting.  True power comes from doing what we believe in or what is good for us despite what others may say.  Interacting with others and receiving positive feedback is amazing but it should not be the primary goal.  Sometimes when we feel invisible, we need to take stock of why we are doing something.  We need to discover our real personal power and act from that place. 

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