Friday, February 6, 2015

Are You Really Feeling It Or Is It The Music?

Music is a universal, cultural phenomenon.  People all around the world and throughout history have used it to evoke emotions (like joy, comfort or sadness), regulate mood and energy (just like people use caffeine or alcohol), enhance physical performance (think athletes or surgeons) and increase cooperation (kind of like armies and cheer leading).  Ayurveda uses music as a therapy for relaxation and sleep because it has a healing impact that affects our consciousness.  There is a traditional favorite known as 'The Rain Melody.'  Ayurveda recommends one only expose themselves to uplifting, pleasant music because of its physiological impact on one's health.   Music is also a popular, lucrative industry because people enjoy it and use it frequently.
A recent scientific study has found  music can increase feelings of interest and attraction among single males and females if it is playing in the background at a couple's initial meeting.  Japanese singles were split into two groups.  One group had background music and the other group did not when they were meeting for a party designated for finding a marriage partner (gokon party for konkatsu).  The participant couples who had the music for their first meeting rated each other higher for positive personality traits than the ones who did not.
One might argue that music is giving a false impression and should not be used when making important decisions.  I hear that. But sometimes it is nice to know we can flip on our happy switch without resorting to drugs or alcohol.
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