Friday, February 20, 2015

Some Fun Ways To Get Over A Cold

No one likes getting sick, and as this record breaking cold winter filled with record breaking snow lasting until ...., colds and illness seem to get to people more often.  Ayurveda treats people individually and from a holistic perspective,  Symptoms are the body's way of talking to us and they shouldn't be treated in a vacuum.  This means get to the root cause of illness and treat the whole person.  A whole approach will make the body stronger so it can be healthier to combat illness and its symptoms. Immunity in Ayurveda can be likened to soil.  In healthy soil, the seed of illness cannot take root and grow.

Many times when people get sick, they take antihistamines and decongestants to quell the symptoms. Sometimes these things help the cold or flu pass easier.  Another way to help the illness resolve faster is to bolster the immunity for the body.  The following things will do that with no sides effects and are easy (maybe even fun) to do.

Singing has been shown to increase immunity and decrease the stress hormone of cortisol. The shy prefer the shower or their car, but the braver type may opt for a choir or karoke.  If you sing while socializing, you are batting a double.  People with enjoyable social interactions get sick less and also have less stress.  Next, yoga or tai chi is exercise with a mind body connection which reduces cold duration and symptoms.  Both these forms of exercise are associated with better mental well being and reduced stress.  After you exercise, make sure to get adequate sleep, like seven hours a night, and the the chances of getting sick drops significantly.  Sleep is also important for emotional well being, body restoration and resiliency.  Finally, supplementing with a probiotic, vitamin C and zinc help reduce illness severity and strengthen immunity.

The above things demonstrate the holistic approach of Ayurveda and other holistic health systems.  The remedies help a person on many levels and bring health on a consistent, long term level, which is what we really all want.

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