Thursday, March 19, 2015

Staying Balanced After My 8 Days of Drinking

Ayurveda is not a big proponent of alcohol.  Nor are the healthy diets like paleo or raw.  I try to avoid alcohol because I know it is hard for the liver to digest and it makes me too foggy the next day.  I don't like to be judgmental about the drinking because there is a time and a place for it.  People have to decide on their own if the drinking is enhancing their life or if it is causing physical harm to the body or to emotional processing.  When someone just drinks without evaluating why or what is happening in their body, that is unconscious and sad.  We should choose an action and know why we do it and what is the price for it.  Life is too short not to choose.  Doing things without knowing why or abdicating choice to a crowd takes away your personal power. 

Holidays are usually when I drink, especially Passover.  The seder requires four cups of wine and during the remaining days of the holiday, it is considered festive to have some wine.  The wine is a sign of freedom and a way to separate from our mundane lives.  Yes, it is a tough job to drink, but I do it for the holiday :) 

But the drinking is hard for me, so I try to do a few things to keep my energy levels up. First, I try to drink more water and use some lemon, mint and /or fennel to flavor it.  It is a good detox drink.  Second, I try to limit my other bad food choices like sugar, grains and processed foods.  This way I am not overloading my body with too many foods that are hard to digest.  Third, I take a good probiotic to keep my gut flora healthy and digestion strong.  Fourth, I keep my exercise routine as much as possible.  This moves toxins and strengthens me as well.  Even deep breathing helps keep the body flow and circulation going.


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