Friday, March 13, 2015

The Paradox of 'Extra' Daylight As Clocks Change

Last week we changed the clock by springing it forward causing all of us to lose an hour of sleep.  This was initially done during World War I and other various times to conserve energy allowing for more daylight to alleviate the need for electronic power.  Considering how society has evolved into a 24/7 game, this goal of an extra hour of daylight seems archaic.  Further, people are currently sleeping less hours because of increased insomnia health issues and feeling like they are obligated to be available 24/7.  This present sleep crisis is taking a toll on health in the form of increased obesity, mental and emotional issues (memory, anxiety) and increased risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer.  The daylight savings time change is causing more suffering with a statistical rise in heart attacks and people behaving poorly by exhibiting increased irritability and selfishness.  This goes on for close to a week and may affect people with delicate health even longer.

Science and Ayurveda teach that we have a circadian body rhythm that is naturally set in us.  Sudden changes to this rhythm or not respecting the rhythm cause many health issues.  The earth is constantly in motion with the amount of sunlight varying with the seasons.  This change is done slowly, allowing our bodies to adjust gradually.  We would be better served by following Mother Nature's lead and keeping the clocks at one time, especially considering the lack of benefit from the change and the actual harm caused by it.

Many people like the 'extra' daylight.  Spiritually, people prefer light and they just feel better with more daylight.  However, light becomes light because it follows the darkness. without the descent of darkness, we would not know what is light and how to appreciate it.  Even the seasons allow for the dark and cold of winter, giving the plants and animals a chance to rest, hibernate and renew.  Sleep does this for our bodies by rebuilding cells and allowing for emotional processing.  Pulling back to refuel and rebuild gives us the ability to grow even further.  Following the cycle of nature is harmony and promotes well being on many levels.  The dark is only temporary as is the light, because the world is constantly in motion.  We don't need to artificially control it as that only stresses us and is not really possible anyways.  Remembering that dark and light moves this way in our personal lives as well can keep us grounded during the inevitability of change.

Either way, I am sick of the government interfering with my sleep when there isn't a good reason to do so.  I have been trying to get a little extra sleep to make a deposit for my health, and I hope you will too.

Stay healthy & well,


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